Shining Jesus' Light in the Community

Shining Jesus' Light in the Community

I would like to share an experience I recently had that I saw as an example of the Lord's encouragement for us to continue our Food Bank ministry and its impact on our needy neighbors: Several weeks ago, I was shopping at a local grocery store for our Food Bank pantry.  I needed to replenish our pantry and so my cart was filled to the brim with dozens of canned goods, along with all the other non-perishable items we pack for those referred to us by social services. 
As I rolled my heavy cart to the Deli counter to order lunch meat for my family, I was warmly greeted by a young man behind the counter that I had  never met before.  He took my order and was curious why I had so many cans of the same vegetables and fruit in my cart.  He politely asked me about the contents of my cart and I explained that I was shopping for our church Food Bank and told him about our program.
This young man got very serious and with a tear in his eye, he thanked me for being involved in our Food Bank program and asked me to thank our church and its volunteers for this ministry we provide to our community.  He, then, shared his story with me that he had had a very difficult last year and found himself relying on the Food Bank and JCOC for nearly 70% of his food needs that year.  He explained that without their help, he didn't think he could have survived.  He now was in a much better situation and was able to be employed and support himself.  He made me promise to thank everyone involved in our Food Bank ministry "from the bottom of his heart".
I have fulfilled my promise!  Stories like this one need to be heard and I am thankful that this young man shared his story with me so that I could pass it on to all of you.  He is just one person that one of our ministries has impacted, making a big difference in his life when he needed it most.

Love and Blessings,
Diane Evans


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