Share Your Story

Share Your Story

We know you have a story that will inspire and uplift others by hearing how God is bringing transformation to your life.  We’d love you to share your story with us.  Your story may be about you, your family, friends, loved ones, pets, business or anything related to how God is working in your life.  

Take some time to sit down, pray, and write out your personal testimony asking the Holy Spirit for help. Writing it down will help you organize your thoughts.

Your story should be able to be told in 3 minutes or less. This may seem like a challenge but a good story should be engaging and concise. All of Jesus’s parables were this way and we would love to tell stories like Jesus.

We cannot possibly publish every story, so don’t take it personally if yours is not selected. If we do publish your story, it may take several days to several weeks before you see it appear in our system. It is recommended you re-read and double-check spelling prior to submitting.

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