Glorifying God Through Music: The Story Behind the Words

When We Are Living

Dr. Chris Carrasco
In a small Mexican town near the border of Texas, a young boy grew up singing the lyrics of an anonymously written Spanish verse which held great meaning for him in his later years when he went through difficult times. He wrote three additional stanzas to this traditional Spanish melody as he focused on the importance of giving and receiving through sorrow, joy, and service. How might this hymn help you face times of suffering or death in your life? “Hard times will prove us, never remove us;” writes the author, “we belong to God, we belong to God.” When we truly belong to God, nothing else in life really matters.
Sunday, January 23, 2022


Glorifying God Through Music: The Story Behind the Words

Every song has a story. The story includes the first spark of inspiration, the initial words scribbled on a piece of paper, a tune hummed, a theology verbalized, a biblical message shared. The story may include controversy, an endorsement from a leading theologian, or a faith crisis. The story could have begun 20 years ago or 120 years ago with a poem, an anonymous single verse, or a deep passion for peace. This Winter Worship Series will focus on six familiar and less familiar songs as we explore the story behind the words and the faith lessons we can learn through them. Join us Jan. 23 to Feb. 27 as we glorify God through music and allow that music to change our hearts and lives.

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